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Break It Down And Get It Done

Get To Done's color-coded categories break down work from the big and complex into the digestible and deliverable. Keep your workflow organized, easy to see, and easy to understand. With nothing hidden, this collaboration tool lets you view it all.

Hand It Off

The Hand Off feature enables teams to engage the right people in the right conversations at the right time, on any board. Planning a project for a specialty team? Coordinating with contractors? Empower your agility and hand it off.

Check It Off The List

Get To Done's Storyotypes provide customizable checklists to visually capture repeatable work. Tailor and reuse the collaboration tool’s drop-down checklists to foster your team’s consistency and quality control for common tasks, while fostering efficiencies that save you valuable time.

Forecast With Flexibility

The budget tools allow you to predict, assess, and track the resources needed and used for every project. Get real-time analysis of your team’s actual time investment versus anticipated, identify variances, refine projections, and improve accuracy.

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Review Real-Time Reports

Multiple reporting options let you see your team’s progress and workflow in easy-to-analyze formats. Access instant status snapshots, progress summaries, and deeper data dives into team productivity.

Pick A Board, Any Board

Gain visibility with multiple board views. Select the board view that’s right for your work, and right for any team of any size. With an easy-to-read, horizontal layout, each board allows you the flexibility to clearly view all your work and move tasks intuitively from To Do to Doing to Done.

Move And Manage Your Work

Drag and drop technology brings visibility and flexibility to your project management workflow. See every step of your project, then drag it and drop it to where it helps you get your work done. And when it’s done, your work moves to the bottom of the board; out of sight and out of mind.

See Your Team’s Progress In Action

Team Stream displays a up-to-the-minute visual dashboard of workflow. Take the pulse of the team, spot bottlenecks, adapt and adjust resources. Team Stream gives you the quick updates and complete transparency you need to get the job done.

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