The History of Get To Done

Get To Done SoftwareGet To Done® was inspired and developed by 3Back, LLC. Founded in 2004 with a focus on Scrum Training and Consulting, 3Back is a top-notch Scrum training company staffed by some of the world’s most recognized experts in the area of Scrum.

When consulting or training on Scrum, 3Back often encounters teams that are hindered by their own ideology of how to accomplish tasks. More times than not, the tools that these teams use integrate bad habits and impede the adoption of a Scrum-like mindset. Changing old habits requires new cues, triggers and routines to open up a fresh approach to thinking. Failing to anchor new behavior risks re-implementing today’s problems in tomorrow’s context.

To overcome this “habit barrier” through training and coaching, 3Back developed Get To Done. Since then, the product has grown from a simple classroom training tool in 2006, to the robust commercial application that it is today. As we continue to apply the synthesis of Scrum with our clients and ourselves, new ideas are uncovered to evolve the effectiveness of Get To Done. As a product, Get To Done has seemingly endless potential as new obstacles arise every day in the Scrum world in which Get To Done will be able to provide support.

In 2010, 3Back was confronted with the challenge of synergizing two core but distinct business models: Scrum Product Development and Scrum Training and Coaching. To overcome this barrier, 3Back founded Tuna Traffic, LLC, a sister company. Tuna Traffic is a minority-owned, small business that provides Scrum development and inbound marketing services. Tuna Traffic’s work process closely aligns with how 3Back uses modern Scrum to coach and train. Since its creation, Tuna Traffic has become the engine behind the development of Get To Done.

Tuna Traffic oversees development of Get To Done as a core product and works closely with 3Back to augment the tool in keeping with the principles of Scrum. All enhancements and features added to the product are inspired from day-to-day consulting and use. 3Back, as the senior company, maintains full Product Ownership of Get To Done.

The Get To Done product represents years of accumulated expertise from the application of Modern Scrum. Get To Done continues to actively evolve, based on the experiences we encounter with our clients applying or learning to apply Scrum.