Why Sara Baca Uses Get to Done® as Her Scrum Software

Sarah Baca Scrum Software User

Sarah Baca Scrum Software UserMy company hosted a Scrum workshop taught by Doug Shimp of 3Back. Doug has a gift for pouring on the Scrum process, applying a dash of common sense with a twist of reality, and serving it up in an entertaining way. He was able to explain the physiological reasons for our behavior and motivation, and then applied that knowledge to our unique team.

In the month since our team attended this training, I have experienced a sense that everyone is more excited about our work. We’ve been using Doug’s “Get to Done®” system to break our user stories into much smaller stories. Before the class we had a user story that was too large, and we were frequently unable to complete it before the end of a sprint. It was very difficult (and with the system we were using, also complex) to estimate those stories. We also felt like we were never DONE. Now that we have been using the “Get to Done” system that Doug taught us, we really feel like we are making progress and getting work done.

Another advantage of the new system is that leadership can easily see the work as it is being completed. This is great for everyone. With self-organized and motivated teams, leadership does not have to actively manage our work, freeing them up for other important tasks. Teams have the authority to problem-solve without feeling micromanaged. Team members also constantly work together, learning from each other and diving deeper into the story than we would if we were just assigned a task.

Every day I look forward to growing and being challenged with my coworkers. I feel like we work together more efficiently now. Because of Doug’s training and his “Get to Done” system, I now think that benefit from the Scrum process, because the process is no longer in the way of the fantastic work we are doing.

Sarah Baca

Technical Writer, Pentaho Corporation

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