Layered Agility

Layered Agility Scrum Adaptation

Layered Agility Scrum AdaptationAgility is all about adapting to reality vs. being plan driven or held to a predictive pattern. However, the forces that cause us to adapt are often relentless and cause confusion. During this seminar we will show how keeping things in balance, and knowing what can be manipulated and what can’t leads to better agility. What concepts do we need to help us think about this effectively?  

We will discusses the different levels of agility that can be found in an organization:

  • writing code
  • team management
  • project management
  • portfolio management

We will explore each of these layers and find different things to manage, different things to keep in balance, and different realities to accept. Keeping this layering explicit makes management decision-making easier and more rational. Layered Agility can help you detect where you need to adapt and focus your energy at the appropriate places where change is needed.

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