Team Work Solution

Empower teams with a simple, elegant planning and implementation tool, grounded in scrum methodology and paradigms. More than project tracking, the intuitive and flexible nature of Get To Done® allows teams to rapidly internalize the very best agile practices and improve performance. It’s not people doing work, it’s teams producing results.

Physical to Electronic Transformation

An Online Tool that beautifully mirrors a Physical Tool. The straight forward simplicity of a tangible Get To Done® card system is replicated perfectly in a drag and drop system. Team Swarm on a wall effortlessly transforms to Team Swarm on a screen. The outcome – Enriched group learning, and sustained changes in habits and behavior.


Systematically capture, document and reuse common information and patterns. Ensure a clean interface to high ceremony process demands. Get To Done® Storyotypes increase team efficiency and expand muscle memory by offering predefined ‘done’ criteria for routine stories and intellectual property work items. It is a platform for documenting team knowledge, decomposing epics and solidifying consistency.

Composite View

Streamline and simplify story organization, team access and client interaction through a central board. Get To Done® offers composite views so that you can coordinate your work with multiple teams as well as help leadership understand system wide work load. The outcome – Clients receive real time, confidential story updates. Business owners gain clear project visibility. Teams self-organize, self-manage and optimize flow.

Goal and Rhythm Planning

Successfully map goals to complement agile pathways, leverage rhythms and respond well to rapid changes in the environment. The inherent transparency of Get To Done® elevates leadership decision making and steers product development while protecting and supporting team effectiveness. Enable teams to make the right decisions at the right time.

Team Stream

Gain easy access to real time displays of team activity, supplying a powerful snapshot of organizational workload. Get To Done® Team Stream tunes team efforts through shared collaboration, fostering well-formed teams galvanized in agile pathways. The result is better focus, better feedback, better function.